Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf stark gefährdete Segetalarten

Peters, K. & Gerowitt, B.

Interdisziplinären Expertentreffen im Rahmen des Übereinkommens über die biologische Vielfalt

Seite: 1 - 1
Jahr: 2010

Institut: Professur Phytomedizin

The intensification of crop management over the last decades has led to a dramatic decline of arable species richness. In regard to climate change even the outcome of rescue programs for endangered species is uncertain because very little is known about the effects of climate change on arable species.

In general, arable species can only face global change with migration or adaptation. On one hand, it is assumed that most of the endangered species are unable to track fast changes in climate and on the other hand, alien plants with properties favored by climate change might become invaders with high potential for invasiveness.

But arable species must also adapt to changes in agricultural management due to climate change. It is anticipated that seasonal shifts and phenological changes will cause altered sowing and harvesting dates of the crop to which the arable weeds must react with e.g. earlier or later germination and faster life-cycles. A change from winter to summer sown crops will also have significant effects on the composition of arable plant communities.

Therefore to reduce the ongoing loss in biodiversity it is important to study the effects of climate change on arable plants not just on a biological per-species level but also on a population level to assess future species composition and distribution and furthermore to predict the outcome and damage potential of invading species.




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