Developing Internet-GIS for Environmental Management in Mekon Delta (Vietnam)

Korduan, P., Vu Van, M., Pham Ha, A.

Environmental Informatics and Industrial Ecology
22th International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection (enviroinfo 2008)
Autor: Möller, A., Page, B., Schreiber, M.
Herausgeber: Möller, A., Page, B., Schreiber, M.
Ort: Aaachen
Verlag: Shaker Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-8322-7313-2
Seite: 158 - 167
Jahr: 2008

Institut: Professur Geodäsie und Geoinformatik

The objective of this paper is to introduce the Internet-GIS approach, analyse the needs and demand of the project and generate a complete Internet-GIS application based on UMN Map Server and kvwmap for flood control and socio-economic development in Mekong Delta area of Vietnam.
This paper reviews and discusses the current development of Internet-GIS as well as its future, suggested Map Server and kvwmap for the development of Internet-GIS application for environmental management. The application has been developed in PHP and Java Script and databases have been created and managed by MySQL and PostgreSQL.
An Internet-GIS application has been created with different functions such as: basic functions, navigation functions, layer functions, editor functions, query functions, digitizing functions, print functions, import/export functions, data management and work flow functions, collaborative work functions, advanced analysis functions, etc. The application can switch between 3 languages: English, German and Vietnamese.
The authors have created a complete Internet-GIS application including geospatial database which is divided into 5 groups: Topography, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Land use, Hydrology system, and Remote sensing data.




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