Evolutionary ecology of the endemic Poriferan family Lubomirskiidae and the reconstruktion of the palaeoecological development in Lake Baikal based on sponge associations

Bonse, Dirk; Itskovics, Valeria; Janussen, Dorte; Korduan, Peter; Masuda, Yoshiki; Meixner, Martin; Weinberg, Elena

VI International Sponge Conference
Book of Abstracts
Herausgeber: Bollettino Dei Musei e Degli Istituti Biologici, Universitá di Genoa
Bandangabe: 66-67
Ort: Rapallo
Seite: 30 - 31
Jahr: 2002

Institut: Professur Geodäsie und Geoinformatik

Sponges cover 47 % of the available hart substrates in the littoral zone of Lake Baikal and contribute to the total biomass commonly with more that 1 kg/m2 (KOZHOW, 1963), and they are found in the deep water as well, so far down to 1600m. Today the endemic sponge family, Lubomirskiidae, comprises almost the entire Poriferan fauna of Lake Baikal. However, as documented by the fossil spicule record, the cosmopolitan Spongillidae were previously widely distributed within the lake. So far, only six species of the Lubomirskiidae distributed on three genera, Lubomirskia, Baikalospongia and Swartschewskia, have been described. However, the morphological variability within these taxa seems to justify the erection of several new ones (Efremova in prep.).




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