Beitrag zur Verbesserung der Zugänglichkeit von umweltrelevanten Daten aus dem Precision Farming

Korduan, Peter

Environmental Communication in the Information Society
16th International Conference 'Informatics for Environmental Protection', EnviroInfo 2002
Autor: Pillmann, W.; Tochtermann, K.
Herausgeber: Vienna University of Technology
Ort: Vienna
Seite: 63 - 70
Jahr: 2002

Institut: Professur Geodäsie und Geoinformatik

In agriculture, even small-scale site heterogeneity leads to great differences in yield and quality. Today, it is technically possible to take such small-scale heterogeinity into con-sideration by precision farming. A large amount of heterogeneous data sets are required for this purpose being gathered from different disciplines. To manage the information efficiently meta data must be used. In bmbf project preagro a management and informa-tion system with meta data base was developed. To improve the accessibility of data in preagro, meta data elements was adapted to the disseminated standard CSDGM. Docu-ments to support the standardisation process and to insure the digital data processing in XML will be generated automatically from a data base by scripts.


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