preagro Management- und Informationssystem premis (TP V-2)

Korduan, Peter

Precision Agriculture - Herausforderung an integrative Forschung, Entwicklung und Anwendung in der Praxis
KTBL-Sonderveröffentlichung 038 zu den Precision Agriculture Tagen des Verbundprojektes preagro
Autor: Werner, Armin; et al
Urheber: KTBL
Ort: Darmstadt
Verlag: KTBL
Seite: 339 - 352
Jahr: 2002

Institut: Professur Geodäsie und Geoinformatik

Standardized GIS data and related meta data have a key position for the effective data man-
agement in Precision Agriculture. In the given report the developed management and infor-
mation system —premisin is described, in which apart from the project presentation the Preci-
sion Agriculture GIS data is administrated via Internet. The conceptual data model as well as
the user surface and an application analysis are explained. By adapting the meta data to the
available meta data standard CSDGM and its extension, a substantial prerequisite for inside
and outside interoperability of the GIS data is achieved and the data quality is improved. The
export of the meta data into the XML format forms the base for the versatile use of the meta
data in the surrounding field of the Precision Agriculture.


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